Reciprocal Relationship of Depression and Inflammation

  By:Dr. Jon Lieff Blog:Neuronal Plasticity It is unfortunate that the word “depression” is used in many different ways and is at the same time chosen to represent a brain illness. There are, undoubtedly, many subtypes of the illness depression and the current clinical definition includes a list of mental and physical symptoms, some of […]

The Autism-Spectrum Quotient in Siblings of People With Autism

AUTISM RESEARCH JOURNAL January 2017 Volume 10, Issue 1 Pages 1–195 Abstract This study measures the distribution of autistic traits, using the autism-spectrum quotient (AQ), in siblings of individuals with autism spectrum conditions (ASC). Total AQ scores, along with AQ subscales, were collected from child, adolescent and adult controls, siblings, and volunteers with ASC using one […]

Estudios europeos dan nuevas esperanzas en tratamiento de dos importantes afecciones pulmonares

    EL MOXIFLOXACINO ¿NUEVA ARMA TERAPÉUTICA EN TUBERCULOSIS Y EPOC? Un estudio  publicado en The Lancet, demostró que puede reducir el tiempo de tratamiento de la tuberculosis, mientras otro publicado en el  International Journal of COOP demostró que es más conveniente para tratar pacientes  externos de EPOC.   A phase II study has shown […]